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"Roll On The Maas"

September 2009 Commemorative Tour



‘Second Armored Goes Dutch’

5th to 14th September 2009

Never mind the Credit Crunch or what ever the politicians want to call it, here is some good news!!


Following the success of our previous tours, plans are well advanced for our third tour.

Permission has now been given and final planning is now ongoing with the relevant authorities.

This promises to be a remarkable event and 2nd Armored in Europe is delighted at the support being shown by the Belgium and Dutch authorities.

The trip will be run with the usual, well established Second Armored in Europe principles, and will follow the route Second Armored took across Belgium in 1944 and finish in Maastricht on the River Maas.

Entry initially is open to participants of our previous two tours, which can be verified by your existing troop number.


If you would like to participate in the tour please ensure you return your Entry Form by 31st March 2009, after this time we will open entry to the Tour to new participants.


UK Participants Entry Form

Mainland Europe Participants Entry Form
USA Participants Entry Form
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