82nd Recon

U.S. 2nd Armored Division


Remembering and commemorating the actions of

C Company, 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion

of the 2nd Armored Division of WWII.



About us


The origins of our group’s 2nd Armored impression can be traced back to May 1994, when Peter and John Heyworth travelled with WWII LHA’s D/505/82 to Bussum in the Netherlands, in their M8 Armored Car.

The idea of creating a 2nd Armored living history group progressed under their guidance, and annual trips were made to Bussum and Bethune between 1995 and 1997, acquiring more interest from fellow Armored enthusiasts from France, Belgium and the UK.  

In 1998 D/505/82 created its “2nd Armored” impression, as a combination of C/82nd  Armd Recon and 41st Armored Infantry, providing the nucleus of the group, and enabling 2nd Armd to attend events in the UK under the banner of the WWII Living History Association Ltd.

[Please note that if you wish to do 2nd Armd events in the UK, you are required to join WWII LHA and to follow its rules and regulations at all times.]

The mainland European trips are sometimes done under the banner of “2nd Armored in Europe”, utilising the resources and enthusiasm of fellow collectors and re-enactors from the UK, Europe and the USA. These trips are also open to a limited number of applicants from any living history group who are willing to meet the minimum authenticity guidelines.

Thus the “2nd Armored Division” was reborn, and the unit has since gained an envied reputation for being one of the most authentic living history units of its type in the world.

The unit has now become a familiar and welcome sight at major World War Two commemorative events in the UK and mainland Europe.

With a mix of highly dedicated infantry units and an enviable array of armour, the 2nd Armored continues to keep alive the memory of the hardships and sacrifices endured by the original units of the Division. We will never forget.


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